Outlandish equals voice

I’m not interested in politics for politics sake, but I am concerned the directions politicians are trying to take this country.

The biggest concern for me is that politicians seem to believe they have to say stupid outlandish things in order to gain the attention of the media. So do they really believe the stuff they say, even when confronted about their out there statements? Or are they really just saying it so the media will pay attention to them?

When I vote for someone, I hope they share some of the values I have like social programs are important, fair taxation (if there is such a thing) should be based on a percentage and not a ton of loopholes on how much you can get out of. Humanity is important, and although we should be concerned on what is happening in the world, other countries should care as much about their own countries and not just look to us for cash which they may or may not use some of to fix their problems with hunger, employment and terrorism.

Do I really have to say something outlandish to get media attention? Maybe. I think many of these people just like being on TV and feel that if they get a lot of media attention, they’re important. Sorry folks, you’re not.

I would hope the American people have enough common sense to realize these ridiculous statements are just like a child calling “Look at me, mom, look at me!”

Magic Cure – Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

I needed a magic cure, and I needed it fast. My beloved female akita was exhibiting signs of a bladder infection. 2014-01-08 14.49.10

As any woman knows and I doubt there are many women, if any, over the age of 16 that haven’t experienced one, a bladder infection is just no fun. You feel like you have to urinate, but nothing comes out. Then your groin burns. OK, I admit, that’s pretty graphic, but that is exactly what it feels like and its just miserable!

So back to my female akita. For those of you don’t know, an akita is a Japanese breed of dog that has perky ears and a curled up tail. I actually have two of akitas, a boy and a girl, but mine are both American akitas which tend to be much larger.

2015-03-17 07.58.00Every morning, my dogs each receive a frozen raw chicken drumstick. Its a morning ritual they look forward to so much, they act like puppies bouncing around and then sitting patiently waiting for me to give them each one. They then take them to the other side of the yard, lay down and slowly licking and chewing on the prize until its completely gone. Not to miss a morsel, smelling and licking the ground to make sure not morsel is missed is not uncommon.

However, I noticed my girl was letharic, moping around the backyard, trying to urinate but nothing was coming out. Noticing her squatting and not being able to go, I realized there was some minor drips of blood on her fur as well. Recognizing the signs, I believed this could be a potential bladder infection, kidney stones or worse.

My girl is ten years old and the idea of her undergoing difficult and expensive medical treatment is not something to look forward to. I’m not a fan of downing antibiotics just to cure something you may nor may not have. It creates other problems down the road and may not be able to cure something you need to cure because you’ve built up a resistance to the bacteria. So off to the internet I go, researching holistic medical treatment options for a dog with a bladder infection.

I came across several articles on veterinary sites that suggested unfiltered apple cider vinegar given a few days in a row, along with an organic type of stew relieved and often cured the symptoms, if it was only a bladder infection. Of course, if it something more serious, blood work would take a few days to result in a possible diagnosis.

Armed with this knowledge, I tried putting it on her food, which she refused to eat. Frustrated, understanding this would probably help her feel better just like women drinking cranberry juice helps cleanse your system, I needed to take another tack to get the apple cider vinegar into her.

I then took my 94 pound akita outside and literally dumped 2 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar down her throat. Of course, she didn’t like it. It made her a bit gaggy and foamy around the mouth. In fact, it took her over 30 minutes to be willing to drink a little water to help her get rid of the taste. But success, she didn’t regurgitate it all over the yard.

Then I made the organic stew that would hopefully help her eat something and be mild on her stomach. I pulled out a big pot and put in a carton of organic chicken broth, 2 frozen chicken breasts, 2 peeled sweet potatoes cut into cubes, 2 cups of brown rice and some organic frozen spinach and set it to first boil, then simmer. I happened to have these ingredients around the house, so it was easy to throw together. After about 90 minutes, it simmered down into a thick stew. I used a wooden spoon to chop up the chicken breasts, and stirred it up to make a meaty mash, letting it cool a bit.

She spent most of the day going outside to urniate with nothing coming out or laying lethargically on her bed, lightly coughing, and be unwilling to drink more water. She was also unwilling to eat, as tempted as she was by the smell. I did get her to take a tiny piece of chicken, but that was all she was willing to do.

After a long afternoon of soothing her, petting her, and cooing to her, she got up and drank some water. Success! Then, I put out more of her special stew, of course giving some to both dogs so there were no hard feelings. She ate! In fact, she ate 3 small helping of it! She also drank more water.

We had a little more of a normal evening, going outside to take care of business and she had a bit more energy.

Finally at 11pm, I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I made sure they were comfy and went to bed, not sure if my female was masking her illness to make me feel better as pets often do.

Now, the next morning, both puppies are up, tails wagging and urging me on to their morning ritual of frozen raw chicken legs. I took 2 out of the freezer, and led them to the backyard to their regular spot and hand them each their coveted piece of chicken. Each took it and ran off to their respect chosen location, licking and chewing their prize.

After enjoying their treat, they did their business, came into the house with tails wagging, drank some water and settled down. I also gave them a little of the homemade chicken stew, and watched them settle down for a morning nap.

She seems closer back to normal. But just to be sure, I’m going to continue the daily dose of apple cider vinegar and my homemade chicken stew for another 3 or 4 days until she no longer exhibits symptoms of a bladder infection.

How do you treat your pet’s illnesses?

What Happened to Winter?

OK, I may be gloating a bit. Living in Las Vegas comes with some perks, like great mild winters (except for that 2 day stretch where we had a frost warning that killed one of my palm trees). 1428880_Y01_13

So being outside in the backyard, watering the plants that aren’t on a drip system yet, and filling the pool, I realized its time to plan for Spring.

Last year, we bought a pool sweep called “The Pool Cleaner.”  This great tool has saved us hours and hours of work, sweeping the pool from the constant breezes that are just enough to keep small leaves, feathers and dog hair off the bottom of the pool.

To lighten our load even more, we wanted to get a handle on the garbage that floats on the top of the pool surface. This takes over an hour every day to keep the pool sparkling and inviting. To take care of that problem, we got two of the Swimming Pool Devil Dirt Leaf Skimmers. Not everyone loves these on Amazon, but I can tell you that although they don’t catch every little speck, they save us hours and hours of skimming the pool.

So we’ll be planning on putting up shade sails, and taking out the lawn in our backyard and installing pavers that we bought a cement mixer and forms to make our own. But that’s another article.

What are you going to do for your house this Spring?

Something For Nothing?

I will be the first to admit that you don’t get what you don’t ask for, but if the answer is no, or a reasonable counter, its something you should be honorable about.

In addition to things I do to make money online, I sell items on eBay. I have access to new and used items that may work for other people. For me its extra money, for them I tried to provide an item for a good value, pricing my item equal to or lower than anyone else’s similar item, including shipping as the determining cost. Despite that, there is always someone who is trying to get something for nothing.

I had an item listed on eBay. Its a nice item in really good condition. Its had a lot of people look at it trying to decide if they should buy.

piano stool - 7

About a week ago, I had a buyer who had asked a lot of questions, asked for additional photos and measurements. I complied, deciding the request was reasonable. The potential buyer stated they would be ready to purchase in 2 days when they go paid if I agreed to a lesser price. We agreed on the price and I waited. That day came and went and several days later, I get an email stating they’re ready to go forward but asked for ANOTHER favor… would I meet a friend of theirs who lives in the same general town as me so they didn’t have to pay shipping.

So now I’ve gone out of my way to answer lots of additional questions, take measurements, agree to take less money, and if they paid when they said, I would even go out of my way to deliver to someone else. Once the agreed to date passed, I believed my obligation to go out of my way for this person was done since they didn’t honor their agreement.

Should I be willing to jump through hoops to make this buyer happy, even though they didn’t keep their commitment? My response, good bad or indifferent was, since you didn’t act by the agreed upon date, I will still go forward if you pay the full price. They argued noting we agreed on a discount. Yes we did, but when you didn’t take action by the deadline, that deal expired.

When setting up your business, one way to create urgency is make something available for a limited time. If the buyer doesn’t act, then its no longer available to them at the discounted price. You can see this strategy all over the internet, and I believe its a good one.

Again, I have no problem with asking for something special because if you don’t ask, the answer is always NO. But if you come to an agreement for something you want and you don’t act by the time you say you will, the opportunity to get those special terms will be gone.

No, I didn’t get the sale…this time.  But there are other buyers out there. Will this lesson escape the buyer?  Maybe.

Will you use this strategy in your business?

Off To A Good Start


Well, its already January 5th. What have you done towards your goals this year?

I have done 2 things towards my goal of making our house more our style.  We painted the entry wall a welcoming blue. This will be the wall that greets our guests and warms our hearts with photos of our family, of course featuring our granddaughter who is soon to celebrate her first birthday.

The second thing is to paint a wall in our bedroom that will better feature artwork and make the room more soothing. This is to enusre we sleep well, and have a relaxing enjoyable rest.

I’ve also sorted through all the things we’re selling on eBay to clear out things we no longer use and will use the money to improve our home, making it a two-fold accomplishment.

OK, I know its not much, but its a start.  What have you done towards your goals this year?

Planning 2015

New year resolutions are not my favorite. I admit that I have a hard time with follow through, just like everyone else.  So what will make this year different? I’m writing down my goals, posting them where I and everyone in my household can see them, and telling people about them so I will be accountable.

My goals include some improvements on the house we bought last spring, the typical lose weight and work out on a schedule, and most important to develop my business.

The first thing we did was paint an accent wall in our entry 20150102_094646yesterday. This will be a focal point with lots of family photos. Yes, I understand accent walls are becoming passe, but I’ve never been one to go with the trend and I desperately want more color in our lives, so I chose a rather bold blue.

The biggest goal to help me stay on track with plans for my business is 2-fold.  I will set aside a monetary incentive, say $10 a week that is a carrot and a stick. If I make my goal, I get to spend the money on a plane ticket to visit my family in Atlanta.  If I don’t make my goal, this is the painful part, I have to donate the money to a political party that I have no use for, or even worse, to a political candidate that I would never ever support.

So as I write my goals for the new year, what is on your plan of things you want to accomplish this year and what is your plan to help you stick to and accomplish your goals?

Choosing The Best Gift

Do you have a hard time deciding what to get someone you don’t see very often? Me too.

We’re off to spend the holidays with friends who have a child whose about to turn one. However, their house is already over flowing with furniture, kitchen appliances and the like, linen closets that are jammed and a stocked pantry. I’ve been racking my brain on what to get them for Christmas, and this is what I finally came up with.

I’ve know them for quite a long time, and they know my children. So I’ve decided to give them something no one else would think of … a weekend away to be a grown up and remember why they fell in love. I’ll go stay at their home, take care of their daughter, feed the puppies and let them be free to enjoy being a couple. I don’t think you can put a price on that.

Of course, I’m taking home made cookies, a few goodies for their daughter, treats for the puppies, and will help make Christmas dinner. But if you can’t think of a thing someone needs, and want to give them something that’s had to put a price on, why not volunteer to be the nanny and housesitter for a weekend?

What’s your favorite thing to give as a gift when you don’t know what else to give?

To Cook Or Not To Cook?

Yes, that is the question at Thanksgiving.

I have two grown sons, both married and living in separate states.  Its not always convenient for them to come to see us or for us to choose who to spend the holidays with.  This is the first year that we’ll have to make this choice for Christmas as well because I also have a granddaughter who will experience her first Christmas and, of course, we want to be there to see the look on her face when presents are opened under the tree.

So with it being just the two of us, and of course our two furry children, 100 lb akitas, Awa and Hiro, we have to decide whether to cook a turkey with all the fixin’s for just us or go out to eat.  The last few years we’ve gone out not wanting to deal with the mess and all the leftovers that we never seem to finish.  But being Las Vegas, the home to hundreds of restaurants, we’ve had to pay exorbitant prices for dinner, make reservations and still had to wait an hour to be seated because that’s the way it works here, and of course, had less than stellar meals when all we hoped for was a small traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, as if it wasn’t already obvious, I’ve decided to cook at turkey.  Thinking back to the better turkey’s I’ve made, this is the one I chose for this year’s endeavor.

Champagne Turkey
World’s Best Thanksgiving Turkey

It truly is one of the best turkey’s I’ve ever made and we’ve ever eaten.  It will be accompanied by mushroom stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams,cranberry sauce with whole berries, and either steamed broccoli or roasted garlic brussels sprouts (I haven’t decided). Will I save any money doing it this way?  Probably not, but we’ll have leftovers for at least a week and bits and pieces I can make into soups and such, not to mention turkey sandwiches until I can’t eat them any more.  And of course, the puppies will benefit a bit as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. When you look at the people around you with less, be grateful for what you have and truly thankful for all the wonderful people in your life.

My 12 Month Goals

Do you set goals?  I confess, I’m not good at writing down all I want to accomplish.  And yes, I know this is something people normally do on January 1st, or at least, sometime in December for the next year.  But all kinds of things are changing for me, and in order to not waste my time (I’m no spring chicken, you know), I’ve decided to write my goals for the next 12 months.  Hopefully, my goals will inspire you to set some of your own.goal post


Blogging will be my full time job.  AND, my goal is to make at least $5,000 per month by the end of 12 months.  I will post my income reports monthly (and yes, I intend to have more than one blog.)

OK, I know lots of people want to do this, but I have recently quit doing what was my full time job.  I sold real estate.  Yes, until recently, I was one of those terrible people, lower than a used car salesman (no offense intended), who either dragged people around in my car showing them endless homes they said they want and helped them buy something they absolutely didn’t want.  Or I helped sellers sell their houses for more than market value (if I could) while working with people who loved their hot pink walls, blood red carpet, and harvest gold appliances from the 1970’s, while refusing to clean up after their pets, pull their weeds, wipe catsup off the dining room walls or clean bathroom mirrors and close the toilet lid.

Now, I’ve given all of that glamorous lifestyle of spending hours on the phone, even more hours on the computer writing contracts and marketing houses, taking photos of dirty houses and weed filled yards while their friendly dog kept jumping up on my leg, chasing buyers and sellers for signatures while we’re in escrow, dealing with inspectors, appraisers, title companies, loan officers and underwriters who wring their hands gleefully while driving me crazy.

This goal I’m starting today.

GOAL #2staring at the scale

I will finally lose the weight I have repeatedly worked hard to lose, yet amazing regain.  I’m going to use this as a focus for one blog.  There’s a fluff woman’s magazine called “Woman’s World.” It comes out once a week and you can find it right next to The Enquirer in your grocery aisle.  I call this magazine fluff because that’s mostly what it’s filled with…articles that are just fluff.  However, their articles on the latest diet techniques are always amusing if not intriguing. So I plan to try each of their diets for the week that its published and publish my results, trials and tribulations, successes and fails, for all to see.  Now as someone who has gained and loss a tremendous amount of weight over the years, over and over again, I don’t believe any of these diets will hurt me, but I do intend to put them to the test.  I will officially begin this quest starting October 1st.

 Goal #3

This is the last goal I’m planning for the next twelve months, because I think these will keep me more than busy, I Paint_can_with_brushwill do some renovations on the house we just bought.  We didn’t buy a new house, in fact, its 47 years old.  An investor had bought it and done some major renovations to it including paint, carpet, granite countertops in the kitchen and baths, new appliances, and cleaned up and freshened the landscape.  But of course, we need to make it our own, changing paint colors, changing flooring, adding solar panels to generate power, and changing some of the landscape to make it more efficient and drought tolerant.

OK, so those are my goals for the next 12 months.  I’ll post updates on separate sections of this blog, telling you how I’m doing on my income blog, my weight loss journey, and the house alterations.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

Are you where you want to be?

looking with binocularsI just watched a video from a very smart marketer who coaches people (mostly women) on how to follow their dreams, build a business, and become what they want to be. Her message was about your ten year plan.
Let’s say you have an idea for a business, and you think it will be successful but you are afraid to give up what you have to get what you think you want. Should you do it?
So envision yourself in ten years. Will you look back and regret not taking the chance to do what you want? If the answer is yes, you’ll regret it, then you should absolutely go for it. That doesn’t mean throwing up your hands and walking away, blindly jumping into your new vision with both feet. It means plan your exit and your future at the same time.
I believe this is good advice. I know where I want to be in ten years, sitting on a beach, writing and encouraging others to do the same. I have an advantage that I am winding up a career I no longer find inspiring. This is my opportunity to focus on what I want for the next ten years of my life. However, even if I wasn’t in this unique position, I would make a plan to get where I wanted to be in ten years, even five years or less.
So what’s holding you back?

Experiencing life while making a living online

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